Why NVidia Drivers for Linux are so buggy and laggy?

I have a HP Pavilion dv6000, with a GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M graphics card.
Unfortunately I am forced to use the proprietary driver, nvidia-304-updates, facing dozens of bugs without solution because the company does not give adequate support to it’s product.
NVidia should, at least, disclose a schedule of releasing, but it does not.
We even don’t know when the bugs will be corrected.

What bugs? Can you please name at least 24 of them, because dozens mean at least two dozen, i.e. 25.

Right now on 8800GT I don’t have a single bug I want to complain about.

For me, “dozens” mean more than 1 dozen. I have 13 bugs related to video driver that affects my system.
It does not seem relevant if dozens are 13, 24 or 25. The fact is that these bugs listed here are real and are many.


@birdie Stop that bullshit, please. It’s not you who can tell anyone what he/she should use. You have no problems using proprietary drivers - that’s fine, I’m glad for you, but when the only suggestion you are able to make is “Stop using nvidia, use nouveau” or “Don’t use Linux, use Windows”, then it’s bullshit. If you can’t and/or don’t want to help then it’s better if you said nothing. wribeirojjr has the right to complain as long as he uses nvidia products, hasn’t he?

By the way, for me nvidia drivers were ok until 304.8x came up and broke some things. It supports xorg 1.14 however, 304.64 doesn’t so it prevents me from upgrading. I’m not an IT specialist but I know one thing - when you try to repair something, be careful not to break something else. In that case nvidia fixed some bugs and added support for xorg 1.14 in 304.8x drivers, providing us with new bugs, unfortunately.

And of course it’s Linux fault. People should use Windows only. Linux should disappear. (just kidding)

Guys, thank you all for the replies.

Birdie, I’m really here looking for support to resolve the issues.
I have no plans to return to Windows, it would be the greatest of all mistakes.
You can’t blame only Linux (and its high frequency of modifications) for the many bugs that occur here.
Screen is black on session log out; ctrl-alt-f1->f6 results in black screen without command prompt; libreoffice and other app corrupt system fonts and make system unusable, etc. etc.

Many other drivers work reasonably well in other hardware and it is undeniable that the driver 304.84 is a problem. Would be necessary that nvidia developers recognize the malfunction of some of its products and disclose a schedule of updates.

Customers deserve that respect.

have you tried 313.30 driver ?

313 don’t work for me. Only 304 and 174.

Good news! Some of the bugs were fixed with the update 304.88
Thank you, developers!

Now I can log out of the session, I can access the console with ctrl-alt-f1, the crashes stopped happen (for now). That good!

Unfortunately, the performance is still pretty bad. Really bad.
I hope that this can be improved soon.

@birdie You are being a little kid here, pathetic. If you have any issue with Linux, don’t use it and if you are unable to understand, then don’t mind. F*ck you windows lover. You should love to become a slave as you are.

Nvidia still lacks driver support in Linux environment.

@birdie I don’t know why are still here on developer forum if you don’t know anything about Linux.