Omnigraph in IsaacSim

Can I just use OmniGraph and expect good results when creating a simulation? Or should I stick to writing it in Python?

Hi @andreia.borges - It’s not necessary to choose only OmniGraph or Python when creating a simulation in Omniverse, both can be used in conjunction, and the choice can depend on the specific requirements and preferences of your project.

OmniGraph offers an intuitive graphical interface where you can create and manage complex simulations by working with nodes and connections. It is excellent for event-driven behaviors and allows the creation and management of various computations like deformers, particles, and event-based graphs. It provides a visual way of creating logic and is generally easier for those not as comfortable with traditional coding.

However, Python provides you with more flexibility and control in generating, manipulating, and implementing simulations with USD. With Python, you can write new extensions, tools, or experiences for Omniverse, modify existing behavior, or build an entire stage programmatically. It is also efficient for developing heavy calculations, custom workflow tools, and intricate simulations.

The choice between using OmniGraph and Python will depend on your project needs and your proficiency with the Python programming language. If you need specific results that can’t be achieved with OmniGraph, Python would be the better choice. But for simpler simulations or if you are not as comfortable with traditional coding, OmniGraph might be more suitable.