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Hi, I want to create a scenario like the link down below but I couldn’t find content about cuOpt and Isaac sim integration. Is there a prepared tutorial about how can I move my robot(could be Carter) according to cuOpt results?

I could move my robot according to the results by coding it myself but I wanted to ask first if there is a doc or tutorial…

Thank you for your question. Using cuOpt and robot navigation are covered separately. As you mentioned there are a number of options for navigation from writing a controller yourself to leveraging ROS/ROS2.

The cuOpt tutorial is here

ROS Navigation is here

ROS Multi-Robot Navigation is here

ROS2 Navigation is here

ROS2 Multi-Robot Navigation is here

If you would like to write your own controller information can be found here

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Thanks It was helpful.
Since there is no planned structure with cuOpt and Nav2, I could plan my structure as below. Is there something wrong or a more optimized way of doing this operation?

I am planning to broadcast my robot location with a topic. I will code a ros2 node that gets these locations and send it to the cuOpt server. The outcome of the cuOpt server will be my route for the robot.

My robot will be getting these routes one by one as waypoints and trying to reach the waypoints.

Note: I skipped using algorithms such as mapping-localization and detailed technical work in the explanation phase.

Your approach seems reasonable. A couple things that might help along the way:

  1. Have a look at the required data for a cuOpt problem. This is shown explicitly across the 3 examples show in the cuOpt tutorial. I would recommend finding the cuOpt example that is closest to your use case and take a look at the code for that example (in particular the data formatting). If you find yourself with cuOpt specific questions please reach out here again.

  2. As you go through your navigation work have a look at the Isaac Sim forums and if you have questions about your Nav2 approach it is likely you can find an answer there either through existing questions or by asking a new one if needed.

Good luck and thanks again for your questions.

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