Omniverse Nucleus for docker

Hi, is any planning date for open access of Nucleus-Stack for docker for user testing ?

Carlos Correia

Hello @daboss3d! Welcome to the Community! I sent your question to the development team and I am waiting for a reply. Normally I don’t receive a date for a feature until it has gone through the full development process. I am hoping that the team will have more information for us!

Hi @WendyGram and thanks for your feedback.
I’m eager to try Omniverse, but i want to install Nucleus on the server (headless) which i have some disks in a ZFS pool.

I will be waiting ,
Carlos Correia

Hi @daboss3d! The team got back to me with some information. Currently, Nucleus for Docker is for Enterprise customers. If your company has an account with us, you can contact your NVIDIA Representative for more information on how to get this setup.

If you don’t have an enterprise account with us, we are accepting applications for early access. You can signup at this website: Omniverse Enterprise | NVIDIA