OmniverseLiveLink Dependency


I would like to make a note about the OmniverseLiveLink plugin, which allows for receiving data from Audio2Face in Unreal Engine… Currently, the plugin is closely linked to the asset Face_Archetype_Skeleton, and without it, a series of errors are thrown during compilation. It seems to me that the plugin should be generic and independent of whether MetaHuman content is present or not, because just as well, with Audio2Face, I could animate a character that does not belong to the MetaHuman family :)


Hope this response from the Connector team helps:
Face_Archetype_Skeleton is a MetaHuman skeleton that the mh_arkit_mapping_anim_A2F file requires. The assumption here is that if that pose asset is used then you must already be in a MetaHuman project. If the user wants to use a different skeleton (or maybe one in a different place), then the pose asset could be changed.