On jetson nano board Waveshare 160,170 fov csi camera not visible clearly

I am reaching out to report an issue encountered with the Waveshare CSI Camera IMX219 on my Jetson Nano board. Initially, I suspected a problem with the camera itself. Consequently, I purchased a new camera with a 170-degree FOV in hopes of resolving the issue. However, to my dismay, the new camera exhibited the same visual inconsistencies as the previous one.

Previously, the camera was functioning flawlessly, providing clear and visible camera feed. However, recently, I have noticed a degradation in the quality of the camera feed, rendering it unclear and unsatisfactory.

Specifically, when connecting the Waveshare CSI Camera IMX219 with different Field of Views (FOV) – 160, 170, and 200 respectively – the camera feed fails to display the expected clarity. And displaying pink color shade at both side. Despite ensuring proper connections and configurations, the issue persists, impeding the functionality of the camera system.

Attached below is the output from the camera with a 160-degree FOV for your reference.

By default we support RPi camera v2 on Jetson Nano developer kit. For other cameras, please contact vendor to get help. There may be parameters which needs to be adjusted for image quality.

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