CSI IMX219-160 Camera 160 is not working on Jetson Xavier nx

I am having Jetson Xavier nx and two CSI IMX 219 160 FOV cameras. One of them is not working in Xavier nx from last night. I assure you that there is no physical damage in camera. Jetson Xavier nx is detecting the camera. But when I run the command-> nvgstcapture-1.0 , It shows no camera screen. It shows the output given below in images.
Please tell me the proper steps to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Looks like the same problem?

yes pls answer the query

Are you the same persion?

I would try:

  1. to connect one FFC to cam0, cam1 each other at a time
  2. to exchange two FFC+CAM together
  3. to exchange two CAM modules

No we are not the same persons but having the same issue

Pls tell me the solution

I believe it’s HW issue have problem to communicate with sensor with i2c command.

How can I resolve it? Any suggestions

Try @MtHiker’s comment

There is no Hardware issue. I have just checked the i2c connection with multi- meter.

Pls tell me any other valid, relevant answer

Sorry, I don’t have idea for the software solution for it now.
Please consult the device vendor maybe get helpful information.

IF they do not work at all whatever you do, Jetpack re-installation would be helpful.

This is not a reliable way to check a i2c connection.
If you have a logic analyzer, you can snoop what’s going on, and see if there’s a communication problem (like a missing ACK pulse) on the bus.
If you have an oscilloscope, you can check whether there is noise or other glitches on the bus.

Still: Have you tried swapping the cameras between the ports? Have you tried swapping the cables between the cameras? Does the problem follow the port, the camera, or the cable?

Yes I have tried swapping the cameras between the ports, swapping the cables between the cameras. But nothing changes the problem remains the same. My other camera is working fine in both the ports and with both the cables.

I think it sounds like the camera is broken, then!
Get a third camera, and hopefully that one will work, and you can return the second one (assuming it’s still under warranty.)