On Keyboard Input - Run Animation Timeline of Mesh Object

Hello, as most I’m fairly new here; my apologies if I posted in the wrong sub.

I’m trying to make something simple & it’s seemingly complicated. I want to control an imported mesh animation from 3D Max. I’d like to have it triggered by a “Keyboard Key Input”. I followed these tutorials but only managed to get it to “Tick”.


I’m not sure what I need to do to tell it to work by Key-Input…

Figured out how to do it through action graph, although not how to toggle it yet. Given the 2 tutorials I posted, I managed to come up with this: “On Keyboard Press > Rotate” “On Keyboard Release > Rotate”

Attached a picture of the nodes, hope this helps someone…

If NVidia could learn anything from 3D Max, I truly sure hope it’s their Slate Editor. The amount of nodes this took to create…it’s silly. & manouvering/shift+drag to copy nodes/inserting nodes into thread/"Ctrl+D-all are selected-Move selection is broken (it reselects current node & moves that, not the entire duplicated selection)

There’s a few things that need fixed there but so far I’m getting close to flipping my switch on & off.