ONIE static IP configuration

Q: I have a switch which is in ONIE, I need to Install the OS so I need to assign the IP address for accessing Via SCP. I don’t have DHCP server to provide the IP. Now how can I set the Static IP for ONIE?

A: ONIE supports various ways of installing the image: DHCP/web server, Web server, FTP/TFTP local file and USB. Without an IP, local file or USB may be the best way to go.
See Image Discovery and Execution — Open Network Install Environment documentation

Or try this:

onie# onie-discovery-stop
ONIE:/ #ip addr add dev eth0

Use SCP to copy the image file to the switch.
Run the installer manually.

ONIE:/ #onie-nos-install /path/to/local/file/cumulus-install-[platform].bin

If you need to configure the gateway, the easiest way is to put your laptop on the same network as you selected above. If you can’t do that, run:

ONIE:/ route add default gw