Only 4 cores on my AGX orin 32G moudle

We use our customize carrier board with AGX Orin 32G moudle , after power on, only detect 4 cores , total 10pcs , 7pcs has this issue, 3pcs has 8 cores , flashed the JP 5.0.2 and latest JP 5.1.2 , still the same issue, please help ,thanks

Share your full dmesg.

Please help check, thanks
dmesg_4cpu_1018.log (82.7 KB)

Could you put your module to NV devkit and flash with jetpack5.1.2 and see if the issue is still?

Hi Wayne:

  we don`t have NV devkit, the is any other way?

Then are you able to flash rel-35.4.1 to your custom board?

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