Jetson-AGX-Orin 8 cores to 4 cores

The number of CPU cores of my Orin module is reduced from 8 cores to 4 cores after a power on。
I found that the number of CPU cores is 4 through various ways
use lscpu

use top

use tegarstats

use Power GUI

But my Power Mode has reached the maximum power。

When trying to reset the Power Mode, it reported an error

So what happened and why?

Attach the full dmesg.

Share the result of cat /etc/nv_boot_control.conf

Tell which jetpack version you are using.

full dmesg:
dmesg.log (71.9 KB)
cat /etc/nv_boot_control.conf

we use Orin r35.1

Your BSP version is too old and it make the configuration flashed to your board is wrong.

Please use new BSP version…

The device has been used in the project, and the BSP version cannot be upgraded at present

What’s wrong with my flashed configuration? The same BSP is flashed to other Oin modules, it shows cpu 8 cores。
my flashed command is:

cd Linux_for_Tegra;
sudo ./  jetson-agx-orin-devkit  mmcblk0p1;

Can I solve the problem in this BSP version?

Can anyone answer my question ?

No, please upgrade the BSP.

I can’t upgrade the BSP, can you give me a patch to solve it ?

No patch could be provided because some of the fix is in binary which is not open source.