Open GL breaking my laptop - blue screen

I recently picked up the new game Darkest Dungeon. It required me to update my Open GL from 1.1.0

I did this, and enjoyed the hell out of the game for a few hours. The only problem is, when I closed the game and attempted to load firefox for web browsing, I encountered a blue screen with an error for the nvlddmkm.sys file.

After rebooting and continually getting the same error, I system restored. My ability to web browse was restored, but when I try to play the game it prompts me to update Open GL again. When I did, the error persisted. I’ve been browsing potential solutions for this problem for a few hours and haven’t had any luck, so I decided to create an account and post this looking for help. If I can’t get this solved, I’ll have to pay somebody to fix it for me, and I’d really like to avoid that. Anybody have suggestions? My computer is a Dell Precision M4400. My laptop has never had problems running any other games before.

If I reboot with the newest Open GL installed and immediately open Darkest Dungeon, it will allow me to play unhindered. When I close the game and try to browse the web, the blue screen error happens immediately.

Thanks for any help you can provide! Let me know if any other info is required.

UPDATE: The issue seems to have fixed itself…feel free to respond anyways, because I have a bad feeling it will spring up again next time I reboot my computer.

UPDATE: The fix involves immediately opening Darkest Dungeon upon booting the computer. With Darkest Dungeon full screened, I can hit the windows button and open a firefox window without issue. Unless I do this, the blue screen comes immediately upon trying to web browse. I have no clue what could be doing this. Any idea?