opencl on the ps3

do the latest opencl linux drivers work for the ps3?

Everything that NVIDIA has released that support OpenCL and CUDA are IA-32/x86_64 only. So no PowerPC/Cell support, I am afraid.

but here…cl_overview.pdf

they mention cell/b.e.

Why do you think that has anything to do with NVIDIA?

NVIDIA has released an OpenCL development toolkit for IA32/x86_64 linux which supports their G80, G90 and GT200 family of GPUs. The PS3 doesn’t have any hardware that could run the toolkit and drivers, or execute the code the tool chain produces. There might well be an OpenCL development toolkit somewhere for the CELL (maybe from IBM or a third party developer), but you won’t get it from NVIDIA and you won’t find any information about it here.

This may be more relevant. It was only tested on server-grade Cells and is not yet fully up to OpenCL specs. It’s a beta, more or less. You’re welcome to try it out on a PS3.

IBM has an OpenCL development toolkit for their POWER architecture (which includes Cell). I don’t have the direct link for it anymore, but they do have a forum you can check out:

EDIT: The other link is in Big_Mac’s post above (he beat me to it ;))

The multi OS option got removed in the PS3 slim model, so if you do not have an old one, you need to goto EBAY, or the like.