Opencv alternatives since it consumes CPU

Hello Experts,

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Is there any good alternatives for Opencv in both CPP and Python in the Jetson platform, since it was claimed to be consuming more power in general.

Not sure what someone claimed for what.

Opencv is what it is, and may not perform on an embedded arm64 system as on a intel multi core processor. There is not competition on CPU side. Furthermore, the openCL support may be poor here.

Main bottleneck for your application may be in opencv videoio. In this case, you may try to use jetson-utils instead. See this post for a C++ example. From python, you may also check this one.

Also note that in some case, the loop is slow because of imshow() (+ waitKey(), add it if you measure as there is a drawing thread that waits for GUI event for drawing). This may depend on your opencv build GUI backend. Alternatives can be using a VideoWriter to another displaysink with gstreamer from opencv, or use a VideoOutput with jetson-utils.