Realsense - python - opencv - cuda gpu jetson nano -- how?


i have a rasp pi 4 running a realsense/OPENCV script with a python wrapper.
it runs ok but i could do with a faster refresh rate
the boards that have been suggested to me so far (ghh51 etc) are all out of stock due to global shortage.

ive tried jetson nano but i dont know how to leverage the cuda gpu support - so the python code runs slower than the pi4 as its processor is actually worse lol and its running sequentially…without using the GPU at all

HHHHOWWW ? do you go about getting the GPU to action the realsense stuff ? … sorry - thick question but frankly every time i google it i just get build videos from jetson hacks that may or may NOT be what im looking for and im trying not to disappear down too many rabbit holes ! :S

Hi Steve, I am going to tag and move this topic over to the Jetson Nano category for better exposure.

Tom K


Could you share how do you open the camera with OpenCV?
If the default command is used (cv::videoCapture()), the backend frameworks will a CPU implemented ffmpeg.

On Jetson, it’s more recommended to use GStreamer for acceleration.
You can find an example below: