opencv and tensorflow for TX2(Jetpack3.1)

I have flashed the NVIDIA TX2 with Jetpack3.1, but how could I install the opencv and tensorflow for python3.5(not python2.7) in a correct and easy way ? To be frank, this isn’t my first time to install opencv and tensorflow in TX2, but when I installed tensorflow successfully and use it to run my demo, the emergency occurred to me: the course was killed due to the severe lack of the disk.So I want to look for a more reliable way to install these components.Can you give me some advice?


You can check the following solution:

It’s recommended to install our pip wheel directly:

This is a binary file for installation.
You don’t need to build it from source so the OOM won’t be an issue for you.

Check this script to build it from source:

We didn’t meet OOM issue when building OpenCV on TX2 before. So the default space should be already enough.