OpenCv compiled Cuda: NO, how to solve?

Screenshot from 2020-10-07 09-08-47

OpenCV compiled CUDA : NO
how could i solve this problem,

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue at your side?
Any status can be shared?


Please go to download the opencv source code and build it with cuda enabled.

yes still CUDA: NO

What kind of tool are you using to check the cuda is installed? Are you sure this tool checking the cuda built by yourself?

this is the tool i’m using

I don’t know much about this tool. But the code says it reads the opencv from opencv_version --verbose.

jetson_stats/jetson_libraries at master · rbonghi/jetson_stats · GitHub

Are you sure this is the opencv you built from source?

i just installed jetpack 4.4 and then when i did jetson_release -v and looked at the result this result came.
i didn’t do anything else

Please confirm if you can understand this comment.

Ok, i understand
Thank you.