operating system required for 100GBE switch?

100GBE Switches such as the MSN2010 or MSN2100 are available in some variants. Some have just ONIE, some Cumulus, some MLNX-OS.

Is a switch operating system a hard requirement to initially configure the switch, or can connected servers already talk to each other in the “out-of-the-box” state of a new, unconfigured switch?

Hello O H,

Thank you for reaching out to NVIDIA Networking community. A switch operating system is required in order to connect devices over the network. When purchasing a switch loaded with Cumulus or OYNX (ethernet network operating system) you will be able to connect devices out of the box.

When purchasing a switch with just ONIE installed you would have to install a open source networking operating system (NOS) such as SONiC or upgrade to ONYX/Cumulus NOS. A valid NOS is required for devices to communicate over the switch.

Licenses and software images can be downloaded with a valid support contract, further information about support contracts can be obtained at the NVIDIA Networking Store or your local re-seller where you purchased the switch.



NVIDIA Networking Technical Support