Optix not working on gtx1080 max-q


Im having problems running an application that uses Optix 7.0
Im using a ASUS Zephyrus GX501GI gaming laptop.
Updated to the latest drivers and tested various solutions ive found online but have not managed to get it to work.
Both me and a co-worker that runs the same setup cannot get it to work, but it works for co-workers with a different setup.
Is Optix not supported on gtx 1080 max-q?


Please be more specific about the driver details and the failure reasons.

Which operating system version and driver version exactly?
If Windows 10, standard or DCH drivers?
Since this is a laptop, did you run the OptiX applications on the discrete GPU?
(The NVIDIA Display Control Panel has ways to control that, described in each driver’s release notes for the Control Panel)
What OpenGL vendor is returned when querying that? (Must be vendor NVIDIA.)
What exactly is failing when single step debugging a failing OptiX 7 application?
(OptiX driver DLL not found? OptiX ABI Version not supported? Function table initialized successfully? Any later issue?


After doing some research to be able to answer your additional questions it turns out it was a dll that was missing.
I was missing vcruntime40_1.dll something the initial error message didnt tell me but was figured out after digging a little deeper.

Thank you for your response and help!