Optix 6.5 precompiled samples won't run

Error message is “Failed to load OptixX library”

I tried compiling the samples with vs2019 and get the same error

I’m using driver 435.8 and Optix7 is working fine here

Geforce GTX 1060
Windows 10 Home vs 1903

try driver 436.15 (Aug 27th)
this works for me on Win10PRO 64bit v1809 CUDA 10.0 on GTX 1050
at least for OptiX 6.5 pre-compiled denoiser sample; I did not checkout others;
and it works for my full project (compiled with VS2019 Community, toolset v140); my project now uses the great new OptiX 6.5

Optix 6.5 works with driver 436.15 here. Thanks for the suggestion!