OptiX pipelines do not show up in Nsight Compute

Hi, I’m trying to profile a mixed CUDA-OptiX application using Nsight Compute (2023.1.1). I’m not using the interactive mode. In the report, my kernels show up as intended, but my OptiX pipeline invocations are nowhere to be found. Is there any special flag I need to set so that my pipelines show up together with the CUDA kernels? Thanks in advance!

Depending on the display driver you’re using, you might need to set the environment variable OPTIX_FORCE_DEPRECATED_LAUNCHER to 1 to let the user defined OptiX device functions appear inside Nsight Compute. This is a temporary workaround and will be solved in the future.

Here also read especially the last bullet point about the line info and debugLevel setting which is important for profiling:

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