Optix7course cmake error

How can I solve the problem?

From that message it looks like you’re trying to build Ingo Wald’s SIGGRAPH OptiX 7 Course repository from here https://github.com/ingowald/optix7course using MSVS 2019 and CUDA 11.5, so far so good. But the build scripts do not find a required OptiX 7 version.

Which OptiX SDK 7.x.0 versions do you have installed on your development system?
Do they reside in their default installation folder?

Note that the repository readme says: 4/16/2021: Updated to also compile on OptiX 7.3

Means if you’re not using OptiX SDK 7.3.0 or earlier these examples probably do not build because its FindOptiX.cmake doesn’t look for newer ones.
Even if you added newer OptiX SDK 7.4.0 or 7.5.0 versions to that CMake script, some small API changes in these newer versions would require adjustments to let the code build afterwards. (Shouldn’t be difficult though.)

If that was not the problem, please raise build issues with the repository on github directly to inform Ingo Wald.

For more OptiX 7 examples which work with newer OptiX SDK versions please have a look into this sticky post.

(Forum tip: You can copy text from command prompt windows by marking the text with a left mouse button + drag operation and hitting RETURN. No need to post screenshots of command prompts.)

Thank you very much!