Orin devkit operate Pin 40 gpio no effect

hi lhoang:

I check the carrie spec ,GPIO32 is PWM01, I test GPIO27 PN.01 gpio433 (pin15)and GPIO17 PP.04 444 (pin22) is ok now.
thanks ,

hi lhoang:

in Orin_Jetson_Series_Pinmux_Config_Template.xlsm file.

GPIO32 pin is GPIO3_PP.06 and I search the source code no mux about TEGRA234_MAIN_GPIO(P, 6) pin.

in Jetson_AGX_Orin_DevKit_Carrier_Board_Specification_SP-10900-001_v1.0.pdfGPIO32 is PWM01,

Is there contradiction?

Orin and Xavier are different SoC. Should not refer to Xavier document for your Orin.

hi WayneWWW:
sorry ,the doc is etson_AGX_Orin_DevKit_Carrier_Board_Specification_SP-10900-001_v1.0.pdfGPIO32:

figure3-5 pin13 is GPIO32,but Table 3-4 pin13 is PWM01

itโ€™s different and I am according to figure 3-5 so confuse me.

The one in the table is accurate. The drawing is wrong.

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