Orin Nano Realsense SDK

I’m trying to compile librealsense in ROS Noetic using the instructions given in substep Jetson installation guide in the realsense_ros github documentation. However, the guide could not support Orin Nano. Then, I tried to build from source but the it gives “Unsupported kernel version 5.10.104-tegra” error. Are there any way to compile realsense-ros package in Orin Nano?

The package is a 3rdparty contribution and looks like it is based on Jetpack 4 releases. Would see if other users have tried Jetpack 5 and can shar experience.

Hi again,

Thanks for your quick response. I found this solution in this related Github issue, and it worked in my Orin Nano. I am able to open realsense-viewer, and retrieve HD image successfully.

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