Orin NX Carrier Boards

Hello NVIDIA Jetson Hardware Developers,

I recently evaluated the A603 carrier board from LeeTop, which I found through the NVIDIA Partner Portal (Jetson Partner Hardware Products | NVIDIA Developer). Their product supports the Orin NX module. I previously used the A203 carrier board from SeeedStudio successfully, but SeeedStudio kept delaying their Orin NX carrier boards so looked for other options with LeeTop. However, after testing their product for a few hours, the HDMI port stopped working. I examined all peripherals, and they were functioning correctly, including the Orin module. By accessing the device via SSH, I determined that the issue likely stems from the carrier board itself.

Initially, the HDMI connection worked when I flashed the board using the command line procedure outlined here: Quick Start — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation. However, upon returning to the A603 after a week, I encountered booting issues. At first, the screen displayed a green tint during boot and subsequently lost the display. After several attempts at replacing and testing peripherals, the display would not power on at all.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues with the A603 carrier board and found a way to resolve them? Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

That seems to be HDMI connector or cable issue if it was working well before.

Cheers kayccc! Will look into that and see if I can repair or prevent on future boards.

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