ORIN NX use L4T 35.4.1 can not boot

We used ORIN NX with self-developed carrier board. In the R35.3.1 version, it was used normally and started normally, but after upgrading to the R35.4.1 version, the system could not start.
Attached is the complete debug message.

debug-time_2023-11-02_11_34_51.log (129.5 KB)

One shows more information, as shown below:

In both versions of BSP, the eeprom is modified only by referring to the link below.
Jetson Orin NX and Nano Series — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (nvidia.com)

Hi chen.xi,

Do you mean that you don’t have EEPROM on the custom carrier board?

Could you share the full serial console log for further check?


please apply the patch mentioned in the release note:

Adaptation to the Carrier Board with HDMI for
the Orin NX/Nano Modules

It’s a known issue in 35.4.1 with Orin NX/Nano + carrier boards using HDMI.


Yeah, we have to have no eeprom on the carrier。
Attached are the debug serial port logs.

The problem we have, it seems, is not a known problem.
I have not successfully launched this version so far. But the logs show that the system is up, but not why it crashed.

你碰到的那個register 0x2212000問題就是known issue… release note裡面有說明要怎麼加patch.

Is this it?


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