Orin nx nvme x1 support?

hi,Orin NX team,
Could you tell me if i want to design a NVME X1 ssd on my carrier board, i should place it under which PCIE X1 PIN ? i have already use the PCIE X4 as RC connected with FPGA…

Please follow the USB SS and PCIe Lane Mapping table in Design Guide doc to choose port.

Thank you!
But In the “Orin Series SoC Technical Reference Manual.pdf” , it mentioned that “PCIe C4 can be configured as boot storage controller with NVMe endpoint connected”, but i have already designed C4 as RC connected with FPGA by PCIE X4, and i can not confirm whether the remained controllers C1/C7/C9 support NVME ?
I need your help ,thanks very much!

it seems that there are some mistakes in the latest DG(v0.99) file:

The Jetson Orin module normally boots from QSPI. However, the QSPI’s 64 MB of storage is not expected to contain all the files for a fully functioning system. Secondary storage needs to be provided through NVMe using PCIe. Support is available for the following configurations.
 PCIE0, x4 (Orin UPHY0 Lanes [7:4]), C4
 PCIE2, x2 (Orin UPHY1 Lanes 1:0]), C7 *UPHY2-L0&L1 ?
 PCIE2, x1 (Orin UPHY1 L0), C7 *UPHY2-L0 ?
 PCIE3, x1 (Orin UPHY1 L1), C9 *UPHY2-L1 ?

so i think i can use PCIE2/PCIE3 as NVME X1 controller …thank you!

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