Hi, I’m currently developing with the Orin NX module and have noticed that when receiving files over UART converted to RS-232 (baud rate: 115200), I encounter a “bad CRC” error message, and the transmission gets interrupted.
However, when we switch back to the Xavier NX module and use UART for file transmission with the same cable, we don’t experience this issue.
I’m wondering what the difference between the two setups is.
Could it be that the RX buffer of the Orin NX UART is insufficient?
Is there any documentation I can refer to, or are there any settings that can be adjusted to resolve this?
Thank you.

Hi AmyChen,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for both Orin NX and Xavier NX?
What’s their Jetpack version in use?

Could you share the full dmesg after you hit the issue?
and also the detailed reproduce steps for us to verify.

Hi Kevin

We use a custom carrier board to test with Xavier NX or Orin NX.

The Jetpack versions are:
Orin NX: 5.1.1
Xavier NX: 4.6.1

Here are the testing steps:

  1. Prepare a machine (Machine B) to receive (or transfer) data.
  2. Connect the NX module and Machine B using an RS-232 cable.
  3. Set the baud rate to 115200.
  4. On the NX module, open Minicom and select to receive files with Zmodem.
  5. On Machine B, select to transmit files with Zmodem and send a compressed file with a size of 100MB.
  6. Initiate the file transfer.
  7. After the NX module receives the data, decompress the file and confirm its contents for successful transmission.

We have observed that when following the same steps and using the same environment, Xavier NX can transmit and receive large files without any issues.
However, with Orin NX, transmission works fine, but during reception, CRC errors occur, leading to transmission interruptions. We have also tried using a shorter 15 cm cable, but the same issue persists.

I will post the content of the DMESG messages later.
Thank you.

There is a known but with UART devices from usb. Nvidia released a patch for 5.1.1 maybe you can try it out. Its specific for Orin so explains why your setup works in Xavier.

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