Orin NX 8GB USB serial to UART communication with STM32 MCU

Hi, I want to communicate using Orin NX USB serial port with STM32 UART. I am using FT232RL chip module for USB to TTL serial adapter. I am unable to transfer the data between STM32 UART and USB serial of Jetson Orin NX. Kindly advise the solution. thank you

Hi f.sh,

Are yo using the devkit or custom board for Orin NX?
What’s your Jetpack version in use?

Is there any error log could be shared?

Do you enable HW flow control from both side in your case?

Hi, I appreciate your response.
We are using a foreCR board that has only usb c ports; and usb serial controller by Dtech USB to TTL converter. To connect ,we use a usb C hub to connect the board and the usb serial controller. We are expecting that Linux will detect the plugged usb serial controller as “/dev/ttyUSB*” but its not. Instead is listed as "/dev/bus/usb/001/***

Is you connecting like the following?
Orin NX → (Type-C) → USB Hub → (USB to TTL cable) → STM32 MCU

If so, could you just try connecting USB to TTL cable on the devkit and check if something detected?

Hi @f.sh

Which JetPack version are you using on your board?

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