Orin support PTP Boundary Clock

Hi NV Support Team
If the Jetson Linux support Orin as PTP Boundary Clock ?
Any document for refrenece from NV.



Sorry, this usecase is not supported on Orin.

Orin can only used as OC in PTP ?

What kind of hardware is in use here? For example, how do you have one slave and one master?
What is the setup here?
What will be your usecase?

We need implement PTP timestamp in my customer board,

  1. GM: we choose one module with GNSS receiver take as grandmaster clock in my customer board.
  2. BC: we wand to know if orin can run boundary clock protocol. e.g. connect to GM and also connect to PHY / MCU.
    The purpose is that all chip in my customer board, SoC, MCU, PHY… sync one GM clock.



So will your Orin have 2 ethernet interface design? One for GM an another one for PHY?

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I mean, do you already make your board out? If so, could you share your design ?

Currently i only want to know if Orin can take as BC in PTP Arch from system level.
Any ideas about it.


We can only answer that after we review your design. Currently, no such function enabled.

Can you please share your NV E-mail ?
Our design can not share in public


You can just private message me through forum system…

or just briefly describe… we don’t need every detail.

OK, Thanks

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