Orthographic cameras flickering

When I create a simple scene with an orthographic camera viewing a cube under a dome light, the image seen by the orthographic camera flickers. How can I avoid this issue?
attached is a usd and a video
flicker.mkv (2.1 MB)

Here is the USD, didn’t let me attach it to the original post. flicker.usd (3.4 KB)

Looking through mirrors, this looks even stranger. Any advice on how to address this?

mirror.usd (4.4 KB)

Hi there,

thank you for reporting this, I can confirm the issue. It seems to happen only in the second viewport for me (e.g. when switching the camera views to the first viewport it does not happen). I will report this issue and check if there is a known fix for it.

UPDATE: Both viewports seem to cause rendering artifacts.


Thank you for looking into this


Do you have any updates/ETA to share on this?

Kind regards,

Hi Patrick,

I now have an ETA for this, it is planned to be fixed in Kit 104.2, which will be used with the next bug fix release (2022.2.1) of Isaac Sim.

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UPDATE: This did not make it in 2022.2.1 and is now planned to be fixed for Kit 105.1, it is not clear yet though if it will make it with the next isaac sim release.

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