Os corrupted in nx

I am repeatedly facing OS corruted problem with NX module in one of the evaluation board (EN715) due sudden power cut while unit is in working condition.whats the solution to overcome this problem.why jetson OS is more senstive.inbetween any power sequence probelm then also os corrupted.give me solution.

This is not related to a Jetson. Imagine you are using your PC and you turn it off by yanking the power cord from the wall. No different.

Most o/s’s these days (including Linux, Windows and Mac) have a filesystem “journal”. During write there is actually buffer RAM, and until the RAM flushes to disk the filesystem is in danger of corruption if partial writes take place. If during restart the journal shows partial changes have been made it will reverse those changes. The result is missing content, but it isn’t corrupt (only the specific content is missing, and other unrelated parts of the filesystem are protected).

Journals have a limited size. They write synchronously, which in small amounts does not hurt performance too much, but if the amount to be written exceed the journal’s size, then the journal is not capable of stopping corruption. The amount of unflushed data at the moment of power loss exceeded the journal size.

If you were to run the disk synchronously, then there would be no risk of corruption. Performance would drop to extremes, and the life expectancy of solid state storage would have an extremely low life expectancy (disk failure is all but guaranteed after a short time).

You could destroy performance and run synchronously and accept imminent failure. You could possibly reflash with a “tuned” larger journal size, and accept losing more data (and there is the possibility what was writing is part of the operating system itself, and still lose the o/s). The real answer is to not yank the power cord and correctly shut down since this is a computer and not an embedded controller. All operating systems will suffer from this if the loss of power occurs during incomplete writes.

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