OTA for switching images?

I am just wondering if the OTA can be used in order not to change the Jetpack versions, but rather to upload one image over the other?
For example let say there is an image A of the sdcard that has e-con drivers; Also there is Image B that doesn’t have e-con drives but has different setup.
Is there a convinient/useable way to swap images for NX Jetson using the OTA tool? If yes, then how can it be managed?
So that according to situation either image A or the image B could be switched On-The-Fly?

hello Andrey1984,

in theory, it’s doable with the Redundancy feature.
you could run the update engine script on the target system to choose it boots from slot-A or slot-B.

I think it’s quite convenient by using CBoot functionality includes a default booting scan sequence, if you’re only consider different kernel images and device tree blobs. (i.e. by using the same root file system)
for example,
please modify /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf, you could define LINUX entry and FDT entry to assign the path of these binaries, by using different LABELs you could have different boot options.
so, while system boot-up, you may select the boot options to determine which binaries you’re going to load.

Thank you for your response
So it appears that with A/B redundancy it might be possible kind of have two versions of OS installed so that boot can be performed from the first OS installation or from the Second? Like similar to case with two Ubuntu installed on a regular computer?

hello Andrey1984,

yes, but honest speaking, that’s A/B update and rootfs redundancy reduce the risk of boot failure after a Bootloader update and when images on the current Bootloader slot are corrupted.