How to enable A/B redundancy when OTA Upgrade

Hi All,

I try to do OTA Upgrade, but if it failed, I could not back to my old version.

If I want to upgrde from Jetpack 4.5 to Jetpack 4.6 on TX2, what should I do to enable A/B redundancy??

please check developer guide, Update with Rootfs Redundancy Enabled.

Hi JerryChang,

Do I only use this command to enable the A/B Redundancy ? or I need another step to do ?

sudo ROOTFS_AB=1 ./ jetson-tx2-devkit mmcblk0p1

hello edward1_lin,

yap, that’s a simple flash command to create and flash the target board with rootfs redundancy. you can do some customizations before the flashing.
please also check flash configuration file, i.e. flash_l4t_t186_rootfs_ab.xml,

Hi JerryChang,

If I want to OTA upgrade from Jetpack 4.3 to Jetpack 4.6, and I do the flash command on Jetpack 4.6 and make ota_payload_package, if I upgraded fail, it will back to Jetpack 4.3 or I need to do the flash command on Jetpack 4.3 ??