Output Kitti File Format

Currently, I am outputting all the detections in my frames using this line:


When I am looking at the data, the bounding box coordinates within the file are larger then the input size of the model, for example the model should have an input size of (480,840), but when I look at the coordinates of the output files from the kitti format, they are much larger such as 1915.433 and 1444.7297429

Also, how can i control the frequency of these output files, instead of getting it once every frame, perhaps once every 10 frames?

Have a look at the kitti file c code. It’s actually very simple and easy to change to suit your needs. You could have a counter so that the bounding boxes accumulate and are output each ten frames.
Why would you want to accumulate bounding boxes over frames though? Is it for counting purposes maybe - if it is you could simply count the objects in the tracker probe and then output your own file with that info whenever you wanted to.

Great idea, thank you Jason.