OV23850 and OV13860

Our company develops high performance UAV for industrial applications, you can visit our company website at www.brainybeeuav.com, or our older site at www.aerojeep.com.

We intend to provide integrated solution which must include high definition video and image capture. We shall use Nvidia TX1 module for advanced image processing and video analytics functions.

We need the sensor products such as OV23850 or OV13860. Please provide detailed technical data sheet, sample schematics, as well as how and where to obtain these vision sensors or sensor modules. For optimal performance we intend to develop the vision modules oursevles with CSI MIPI interface to our customized processing board based on NVidia TX1.

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Hi hzq,

You can download all the documentation related to tegra x1 from the developer site:
I think that in order to get the datasheets for the OmniVision sensors you will need to contact OmniVision directly. Something that I noticed is that both sensors that you are planning to use will give you bayer and not YUV directly. Tegra X1 can capture bayer but there is not support yet to use the ISP. So you wouldn't be able to use the ISP to convert Bayer to YUV if later you need to encode for instance. I would recommend you to pick a sensor that gives YUV directly.


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