Overclocking Jetson...

I recently bought a Jetson and noticed only a standard CPU fan. Why doesn’t Jetson use “graphene oxide” thermal grease and a low profile brushless “turbo” (turbine design) fan/heatsink? The additional cost of the grease and fan/heatsink does not appear to be a dealbreaker.

“turbine” fan? do you want your ears to bleed while you’re doing development?

No… but out the box, if nVidia included these precautions the Jetson could be pushed to it’s limits safely. Graphene oxide has the highest thermal transfer rate in nature second to helium. The largest effective thermal transfer footprint for a heatsink is a pin configuration and it is not effected by motherboard orientation. A brushless turbo fan is also not effected by orientation. Finally, low profile components reduce the case size of Jetson’s Nano-ITX (5" x 5") form factor.