Required thermal management on TX1 SoM

Hi everyone, I was wondering what NVIDIA’s recommendation is w.r.t. installing the TX1 in embedded products, specifically drones. It looks like the Teal drones don’t have any heat sink on the TX1 at all. I talked to them on the phone and they claim that airflow is enough to cool the TX1 and that they have never had any issues. However, in their videos/pictures they really don’t show any airvents or ventilations slits in the body of their drones, so I guess they must have some other smart way of cooling the TX1? Maybe they are not using the TX1 to its full extent in the first place?

So the bottom line question is: if the TX1 is installed on a drone with enough airflow around, will the air be sufficient to cool it without any cooling elements even when the workload is large or is some kind of heat sink really essential even in those kinds of applications?


I don’t know the detail thermal design of this drone you mentioned. But Jetson TX1 module has its own thermal request and guide (, which includes fan. So i think the key point of thermal design of this drone is how to conduct heat from TX1 to the surface of drone, and then let airflow to cool it. That is almost same as Jetson TX1 board. And the heat generated by TX1 depends on what kind of application is running.