Overcurrent Alert and Hardware Protection

Dear Developers/Engineers,

I would like to ask about OC alert function on Jetson Xavier NX.

The device has an OC alert function to make an alert when the current is reached the specified alert limit.
In this post, it is said that we can change this alert limit from default 3600mA to 5000mA without harming the device. However reducing the performance is not discussed.

So I would like to ask that if we change the OC alert limit to 5000mA and having no OC alert, then can we say that
・We will have NO reducing the performance issue, even if the current exceeds the default 3600mA as long as it is under the 5000mA.

Thank you for your supports in advance.

On Xavier NX developer kit, the OC limit has impact to performance in high loading condition. It is more frequent to hit 3600mA limit when system loading is high. After discussion and investigation, we think it is fine to increase to 5000mA for developer kit. If you use developer kit, please keep the 5000mA limit. If you use a custom board, please use PowerEstimator tool to check and decide the OC limit value.

Thank you so much for sharing information.
I checked the PowerEstimator and found that this tool can calculate power consumption.

However I am not sure how to get the info of the upper bound of the OC limit, which does not impact on the performance.

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