Page fault on non-user texture

Specific machine, GeForce 1050 Ti 4GB, always crash on same situation with this GPU dump.

I tested with other 1050 Ti on same machine but it didn’t crashed.
It might be problem with hardware but the crash is consistent.
And we have other users, in same studio, constantly reporting gpu hang.

Program is Unreal Engine 4.23 with heavy game contents.
Hang occur in both Editor/Game mode.

I tracked all texture creation but couldn’t find same resolution texture.
The crash was collection occured on shipping mode running at 1920x1080 widows mode.
The page fault texture changes resolution by game resolution.

It only crashes on DX11 mode. running with DX12 does not hang.

Commenting out all “BeginRayTracedDistanceFieldShadow / CullObjectsForLight / CullObjectsToFrustum” related feature does not help.
It crashs on other callstack calling compute shader.

Tested on Windows 10 2020H1 with 452.06-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql.
Graphics card is AF1050Ti-4096D5H2(DDR5)

Thank you for reporting your issue. I’m checking with the engineering team to help provide you with a recommendation on resolving this issue.

I discussed with our internal engineering team. We would like to request a build of your application so we can try to reproduce your issue internally if that is possible. We also would like to know if you see this issue on other Nvidia graphics cards like our 960 or 760 GPUs?