NVidia Aftermath pagefault


I’m tracking an issue with device crashes. I’m using NVidia Aftermath on top of DirectX 11.
I initialized aftermath with GFSDK_Aftermath_FeatureFlags_Maximum to get page fault informations.

Here is the data I’m getting consistently:
GFSDK_Aftermath_GetDeviceStatus: GFSDK_Aftermath_Device_Status_PageFault
GFSDK_Aftermath_GetPageFaultInformation: bhasPageFaultOccured=0, faultingGpuVA=0

I see a mismatch between the device status PageFault and the page fault information hasPageFaultOccured. Is that standard behavior ?


I see the same behavior in my app. In some cases the bhasPageFaultOccured is 1, but resourceDesc does not provide anything interesting anyway (faultingGpuVA=0 and the rest is default). The bhasPageFaultOccures is 1 usually when the faulting marker is not the last marker inserted. But maybe it’s a coincidence, not a rule.

Aftermath version 1.3, DX11

Did you solve it somehow last year?