How should GetPageFaultInformation be used?

I’m hitting a GFSDK_Aftermath_Device_Status_PageFault. I call GFSDK_Aftermath_GetPageFaultInformation and it fills out the GFSDK_Aftermath_PageFaultInformation successfully. I’m uncertain how to proceed. The app(game) is running with D3D11.

Should I compare GFSDK_Aftermath_PageFaultInformation::resourceDesc::pAppResource against the addresses of the created D3D resources or what does it represent? I tried appending some private data to the ID3D11Resource (SetPrivateData) and casting pAppResource to ID3D11Resource and call GetPrivateData but that didn’t work (it crashed). GFSDK_Aftermath_PageFaultInformation::resourceDesc::bWasDestroyed=true so maybe that’s the reason?

I could possibly store the addresses of all the ID3D11Resources ever created in a run together with some string description but it will be a fair bit of work to do (as it’s a large code base) so I wanted to check with you guys what the intention of this interface is? How it’s meant to be used?