Pagefault information does not have any information about resource except VA in Vulkan

Hello. I’m currently suffering from getting page-fault information in my engine crash dump.

When I make page-fault crash manually in official sample ( NVIDIA/nsight-aftermath-samples: Samples for the Nsight Aftermath SDK. ( in Vulkan, It does not provide me any pagefault resource information except virtual address like below image.

As sample code enable eEnableResourceTracking flag, It should tracking resource information from driver-side and provide me resource information that makes page-fault TDR. But It doesn’t.

What I did for making page-fault in official sample is not binding memory for texture.

What I missed?

My vulkan sdk version is 1.3.194 and aftermath sdk version is latest release.

Thank you for using Nsight Aftermath SDK and for your question regarding page faults. I’ll contact the Nsight Aftermath engineering team and get back with you with an answer to your question.

I got additional info from the engineering team regarding your question.

Your situation is expected. The address that was accessed is 0. There cannot be any resource allocated at that address. You should use an R515 driver, e.g., 516.94 or newer driver. That will give you additional detail for the MMU faults.