Particles Stick to Mesh

Is there way to get particles that are generated to stick to a mesh? I am trying to stick a ton of small Dodecahedron’s to a face. I would like them to form the face, I think a particle system would be the best route to take. Any direction or tips would be appreciated.

Hello @dalbert and Welcome to the Community! My first thought would be that you could use our Blast Extension to fracture your mesh then play the animation backwards. However, I am not sure if you can fracture your mesh into specific shapes yet. The particle system would let you define your shapes… Let me see if I can get a developer to help! I’ll post back here when I have more information.

Also, if you haven’t looked at it already, here is a link to our Particles Extension documentation

Thanks @WendyGram I am trying to use a whole bunch of spheres to get them to stick to a mesh. For example a whole bunch of spheres that make up a box (mesh) and move when I move the box. Do you think Blast is still the way to go?

I am trying to make something like this.

Hello @dalbert! Word from the dev team is that we are working on a Scatter Node which will help you do this in the future, but it isn’t ready for release just yet. Have you tried emitting from the surface with zero speed?