How to make sparkle burst?

I am making a factory scene, based on this UE marketplace product:

Converted to USD I get all the robot arms moving, nice. But those funky “sparkle bursts” are missing. How can I make them with Omniverse?

I found this cool video by Fred Hooper:

I think it can be developed further to act like sparkle burst:

  • make it just a short burst
  • add gravity for sparks
  • add colliders like floor and objects like robot arm


Hello @pekka.varis! I reached out to the dev team and you’ve stumbled onto a unique problem that they are discussing. Here is the conversation so far:

A shader would need to be made that can “stretch” the particle out on it’s direction. The basic movement wouldn’t be too hard to do except for the stretch and specific orientation settings on the surface of the object. You would also need the particle to fire at the right time. It would require the mesh to have specific behavior.

I am creating a ticket for this post to ensure that the development team knows about the need for this shader. I’ll let you know if I hear anymore information! (Internal ticket OM-58809)

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