Payload size mystery in pipeline creation with multiple pipelines


I’m writing a program, where multiple OptiX pipelines are created.
The second pipeline creation failed with non-descriptive error message:
COMPILE ERROR: failed to create pipeline.

I had investigated what causes this error and what can workaround this error, and found that setting OptixPipelineCompileOptions::numPayloadValues of the second pipeline to the number for the first pipeline removed the error for some reason.

I created a decently minimized reproducer (VS2022, CUDA 11.6 Update 2, OptiX 7.4):

(While this uses my wrapper library for OptiX, but hope it seems thin enough)

This repro creates two pipelines at the lines 174-175 in restir_main.cpp and fails to create the second pipeline at the line 175.
The issue disappeared when

  • reversing the order of pipeline creations or
  • setting the payload size to the one for the other pipeline (see the line 121)

, but I’m not convinced why the second pipeline fails to be compiled without these changes.
Note that I needed to clear OptiX cache before the experiment to properly reproduce the issue.

This issue is possibly related to the following but I’m not sure:

Does payload size setting in a pipeline affect that of another pipeline? Or do I do something wrong?


My environment:
OptiX 7.4.0, CUDA 11.6 Update 2
RTX 3080 10GB
Driver: 512.59
Windows 10 21H2 19044.1645

I tried also with CUDA 11.4 with VS2019:

The issue is still there.

Hi @shocker.0x15,

Thank you for the reproducer. I can test this against an upcoming driver to see if the 511 driver problem is related, and whether new drivers will fix this. I didn’t have time today, but we will try your repro this week. I just wanted to acknowledge your question and let you know we’ll get to it very soon.


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How is this going?

Hi there, sorry it took longer than expected to get to this. I tested your VS 2019 repro, and I was able to reproduce the problem with a 510 driver. I tried the upcoming 515 Windows driver, and could no longer reproduce the problem. So I think this is going to be fixed for you as soon as the 515 driver is released on Windows, which should be pretty soon I think, maybe by the end of the month.


I’ll mark this as resolved once I confirm the issue is fixed with the upcoming driver.

I confirmed that the latest 516.40 has resolved this issue.
I’ll mark this thread as resolved.

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