PCI-e x8 Card not detected consistently Jetson Orin

I’m trying to use a video capture card on Orin x16 slot, It’s an x8 Card. I’m observing inconsistent behavior detecting the PCI-e card when the Orin starts up. I’m using MAXN power mode.

However, if I switch the PowerMode to 50W and reboot. The Card is detected properly on next startup, but not detected on further startups. What is the reason for the card only being detected when switching powermodes?

Could you dump the dmesg of working and not working case?

Also, which jetpack verison is in use?

JetPack 5.1

I notice that the card is detected more often in the 50W Mode, dmesg attached

working_dmesg.txt (80.8 KB)
not_working_dmesg.txt (91.8 KB)


Could you move to jp5.1.1?

Also, what kind of device is in use? It looks like the device detection is still on-going. But hit AER error.

I re-flashed to 5.1.1, I am actually seeing more stable detection right away. It is detected about 50% of the time now.
I also have the same AER error as before when the card is not detected.
It is a FPGA video capture engine, there are two on this x8 card.

Is there any power settings I can check to make the detection more stable?