PCI I/O region assignment failure, Tesla P41


I have been trying to set up a Tesla P41 under Debian Bookworm without much success. The Nvidia driver continues to report an invalid PCI I/O region with a BAR1 size and address of 0 despite my best efforts. The following is my current hardware:

  • SuperMicro X10SLL-F motherboard
  • Intel 4790k processor
  • RM850x power supply
  • 32GB RAM

The Tesla P41 has been installed with the proper power connector and has an active cooling setup. I have thus far tried enabling Above 4G Decoding in the BIOS options and have set all PCI lanes to EFI only. All disks are GPT, and the Debian install has been set up with UEFI only. As far as I can tell, CSM has been completely disabled as far as was permitted by the BIOS. The PCI I2C SMBUS jumpers have also been set.

Below are my kernel parameters

intel_iommu=on pci=realloc=on video=vesafb:off video=efifb:off video=simplefb:off

All of these options have all been toggled in various combinations with no success thus far.

Attached are the combined dmesg and lspci logs with the verbose option enabled. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

full.log (106.2 KB)