Permission Exception when importing mc-widget-library Extension

So I would like to use the “mc-widget-library” that Mati streamed about on YouTube. The repo is here:

I cloned it and tried tried to import it with “Import Extension”
But then I get the dreaded “Permission Exception” that several have posted about here.

2023-07-06 12:44:16  [Error] [asyncio] Task exception was never retrieved
2023-07-06 12:44:16  [Error] [asyncio] future: <Task finished coro=<_import() done, defined at d:\nv\ov\pkg\code-2022.3.3\kit\exts\omni.kit.window.extensions\omni\kit\window\extensions\> exception=PermissionError(13, 'Permission denied')>
2023-07-06 12:44:16  [Error] [asyncio] Traceback (most recent call last):
2023-07-06 12:44:16  [Error] [asyncio]   File "d:\nv\ov\pkg\code-2022.3.3\kit\exts\omni.kit.window.extensions\omni\kit\window\extensions\", line 115, in _import
2023-07-06 12:44:16  [Error] [asyncio]     omni.ext.unpack_extension(archive_path, registry_cache)
2023-07-06 12:44:16  [Error] [asyncio]   File "d:/nv/ov/pkg/code-2022.3.3/kit/kernel/py\omni\ext\_impl\", line 189, in unpack_extension
2023-07-06 12:44:16  [Error] [asyncio]     with ZipFile(archive_path) as z:
2023-07-06 12:44:16  [Error] [asyncio]   File "d:\nv\ov\pkg\code-2022.3.3\kit\python\lib\", line 1240, in __init__
2023-07-06 12:44:16  [Error] [asyncio]     self.fp =, filemode)
2023-07-06 12:44:16  [Error] [asyncio] PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'D:/nv/ov/ext/mc-widget-library/'

It isn’t clear to me exactly which folder I should be clicking on, but it doesn’t seem to matter because they all lead to the same error.

There are others who had the same problem, but the “answers” that were posted did not help.

I tried a couple of other things, like adding the directory to the “Extension Search Paths”, but that led to the same error, or sometimes, nothing happening at all even when I “Refresh”.

Yet people seem to be getting work done. I have tried importing other extensions, and I always get this “Permissions Exception” which seems to be a misleading error message, probably a message in a general “catch” block.