Why do I get permission denied trying to import my own extension?

I created an extension, it used to open for me in Code.

I pushed the Extension To GitHub, even though I can’t open it on my own machine.

It says permission denied, but I checked the folder permissions, and even gave all full control. Is there a way to run code as Administrator?

The only way I can run my extension, is if i create a new extension and copy the code into the new one.

My extension is here if anyone can tell me how to import this into Code again. Before all I had to do was run VS Code and change a file and it would show up. Very confused.

Interesting. Is the extension zipped up? I’m guessing it should work if it’s unzip and if the path you put into the Extension Manager includes the exts folder.

Yes, that was what I noticed when I watched the video. The exts path is what I was missing, I had been looking in another directory.

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